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    Playable Races

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    Playable Races

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    Man - Man is the second oldest race in the nation of invictus, but by far the most plentiful. They have settled every part of the World, from the Fathomless sea to the Forgotten coast. They come in different cultures and creeds, but average 5ft-6ft tall and live to about 100 years old.

    Stats: STR 5, END 10, SPD 10, DEX 15, WIS 15, PRE 5

    Racial: Diplomacy - +20 to all persuasion checks.

    Humbaba - The beastmen of the Humbaba are the oldest race on Rhum. They are large, powerful and ideal shock troppers for the Army of Invictus. Ranging from 6ft-10ft tall, they live to about 250 years old.

    Stats: STR 20, END 15, SPD 5, DEX 10, WIS 0, PRE 10

    Racial: Ohgren's struggle - Once a day the Humbaba may call upon the Beast-god of Strength and Strife to quake the ground Dazing 1Dx enemies and inflicting 1/4 of their base dmg.

    Septus - Like the Humaba, The reptilian Septus came into the world first in the image of Kaetharsis, the winged serpent. Like their God, they value wisdom and understanding change. They are sleek, dexterious, and have good senses, making them ideal rangers and fighters. They tend to be 5-8ft long and live 300 years.

    Stats: STR 5, END 5, SPD 10, DEX 20, WIS 5, PRE 15

    Racial: Kraith's Call - Once a day the Septus may call upon the Beast-God of Death and Rebirth to bind an opponent, sharing the damage done to the Septus for 1d4 rounds.

    Keshin - Keshin are altered humans, a result of cruel experiments done to men and women during the Godless age. It is from their ranks that Shard drew the dreaded Yaz-Azul sorcerers. They range from 5-6ft tall and come in a variety of unnatural hues. Their heads are adorned with horns and their eyes usually have a abyssal black sclera, giving them a somewhat demonic appearance. They are known to survive off the essence of living creatures as well as being quick on their feet. They tend to live as long as Beastmen.

    Stats: STR 5, END 10, SPD 20, DEX 10, WIS 10, PRE 5

    Racial: Death's kiss - Once per battle a Keshin may kiss their opponent, drawing out their life essence for half their opponents HP. **WARNING** Use of this ability is considered Lethal damage and if used on an unwilling citizen will constitute assault and/or attempted murder.

    Quar - The Quar are animated beings of stone, gems, and earth. They have exceptional endurance, being notoriously hard to kill, but severely lack in other aspects, including dull senses and lacking speed. They are typically 4-5 ft tall, and are as far as living beings know, immortal. VULNERABLE TO MACES.

    Stats: STR 15, END 30, SPD 0, DEX 5, WIS 10, PRE 0

    Racial : Tough skin - Once per battle a Quar may hunker down, increasing their density and adding half their HP as defense. This lasts until the Quar either releases this state or their defense is broken. Quar cannot attack in this state.

    The Legacies - Sentient, free-magic creatures whose appearance can change. Capable of spreading a glamor but the trained eyes can see through it. Skilled in Magic, but its also their bane. They can associate with one of the 8 elements, Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Anima, Void, Light, or Shadow, and their attacks automatically carry extra damage based on their element.

    Stats: STR 0, END 0, SPD 10, DEX, 10, WIS 30, PRE 10

    Racial: Is it Real? - During battle a Legacy may choose to become incorporeal, unless otherwise bound to their physical form. Physical damage is useless both ways, unless the opponent uses magical or silver-class weaponry. While incorporeal spells from their chosen element gain double efficiency, but they also suffer double damage from spells of the opposite element.

    Oy - Small, furred creatures with large, pupiless eyes, and a long snouts. They have one set of arms with long, gecko-like fingers, tipped with sharp, small claws. They have a strong, VERY prehensile tail much longer that themselves, and a set of antennae that come in different shapes and sizes and help them analyze the world around them. Given their dexterous fingers, sensitive tails, and acute , twitching antennae, they have excellent senses of perception far beyond any mortal race. They come in a variety of colors and skin patterns, and most are horned. As a habit they are fond of tinkering and of music, often creating new instruments for the sole purpose of discovering new sounds, though their native tongue is ill-suited for singing, a combination of rasping, squeaking growls and mammalian chittering. Still their skills of mimicry are astounding. They began life as pets, simple playthings of the old human kind, and in time developed and evolved into the sentient beings they are today. They tend to be 4-5 feet tall are as long lived as humans.

    Stats: - STR 5, END 0, SPD 10, DEX 20, WIS 5, PRE 20

    Racial: Good with my hands - +20 to any crafting skills

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