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    The Rules of the game

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    The Rules of the game

    Post  High King Pendragon on Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:09 pm

    These are the rules. They're simple, and nonnegotiable, unless by amendment.

    1) NO, and I cant stress this enough... NO OOC DRAMA. I am super duper intolerant of that crap. If there IS any OOC drama, make it known to me and I will play mediator. But honestly.. its just a game...

    2) No CRP. If your character wasnt there, didnt see it, wasnt told, and otherwise cannot, through the logical application of deductive skills and/or extrasensory preception, they they dont know about it, allright?

    3) Logs are your best friend. No log? Didnt happen.

    4) No God-moding. If your character is preforming some ludicrous action, he/she better have the numbers to back it up. IE: A character with 20 STR cant go punching holes in buildings. Also a character with 20 HP wouldnt survive being crushed by a boulder the size of a Hummer.

    5) Be Logical. No, you cant fight the 100 foot tall titan by yourself. Oh wait, you have a STR score of 196487634129772983162373127? Sure then, you can fight the Titan by yourself. Its possible to be awesome. Its ENCOURAGED to be awesome. But you must be willing to accept the consequences of your actions and back them up.

    Thats all. Simple, sweet, easy to get and utterly nonnegotiable. Have an issue, please, feel free to contact me about it. my mailbox is always open.

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