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    Magic System

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    Magic System

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    Rhum is not simply a world swords and shields. Magic is rich here and an accepted part of existence. Its history of creation, peace, and war is no fable, but rather simple fact, a land where the bones of Gods can be found if you know where to look, and where their strong essence can still be sampled, whether in broken halls of power, the deep places of the earth, or for the learned, at the churning heart of themselves. On Rhum this energy is called anima and all living things bear it. It is the spirit, the soul, the life essence given by the gods. One can bolster their anima through practice and learning, and envoke its power through the Grand Wheel Arcana, the syllabus and map of Macigal instruction.
    No magic can be parried, all magic can be reflected. Magic Ignores armor, unless equipped with the reflect or resist trait. Spells come in 3 types , each with their own effects and restrictions :
    Projectile - This is anything "shot" at your opponent. Lightning, Fireballs, Ice beams, Thorns, anything that must travel in order to reach you target is considered Projectile. Projectile magic may be dodged, blocked, reflected or resisted.
    Area of Effect ( AOE) - These attacks are indescriminate and Attack multiple targets. Anything that coveres a wide are of attack; explosives, The bigger the AOE the more targets hit. AOE attacks cannot be dodged, only Blocked, Reflected, or resisted.
    Direct Effect (DE) -This is any spell cast upon a single person without need of projectile targeting. Spells such as snares, healing, stat up/downs, dispells and shields are all considered Direct effect. DE Spells cannot be Blocked or dodged.

    Magic is divided into 8 elements, each with its own style and requirements. Each element has several levels and grimioires available to it, and each grimiore will expand the user's available list of spells. Grimiores are expensive to purchase and extremely rare to find

    Fire - Wild, powerful, and extremely dangerous even when controlled, fire is a strong attack based school with many projectile, AOE, and purge effects. These attacks often induced the status ailment of Burn.

    Wind - Erratic and ever changing, air is the premier damage element, focusing on single target or limited multitarget spells. Some attacks have a chance to inflict paralysis on an opponent.

    Water - Formless and all encompassing, water is the the most all around element, with a good mix of offensive defensive, and healing spells. These some spells have a chance to inflict frost on a opponent.

    Earth - Sturdy and eternal, Earth is the premier defensive element, focusing on reinforcing ones party and snaring the opponent. Its spells consist most of Multi-target AOE and Shielding.

    Light - Illuminating and calming, light is not only the premier healing element for spellcasters, it is the best element for anti-magic, capable of shield and purge effects. If one seeks protection form the arcane, Light can provide.

    Shadow - Ancient and deep, darkness is a master of dulling the senses and creating traps. Debilitating, analyzing, and entrapping ones foes is the dominion of shadow, and status ailments are the game of a shadowmaster. A clever user of shadow magic is a dangerous foe to even the strongest opponent, especially when combined with speed.

    Anima - The power of an anima master are the stuff of legends. The manipulation of the soul and the mind are the Anima users bread and butter. Making foes walk off cliffs to their deaths, trapping minds in an eternal nightmare, telepathy, telekinesis, mind control, it all falls under the mind-bending power of Anima. Because of its power, it is taboo to preform or even teach its Magics openly, and books on the subject would be difficult to acquire from an honest merchant.

    Void - of all the magical styles, Void is the most feared. Along with anima magic, it was the favorite of the Dark lord Shard, and with it he ravaged the lands of Khyrm and laid waste to many a would be hero. Void is the art of the unnatural; Flaying the skin from foes, turning blood to lead, twisting bones and reanimating the dead as lifeless monstrosities all falls under void. The very use of Void magic corrupts all life around it. The dominion of Furion, Anathema of the Gods, you will find this taught NOWEHRE but the Undercroft, where his servants still roam.

    Magic scoring
    Magic makes use of the Wisdom score in combat, which when rolled, calculates the DMG done by any one spell. Much Like HP,your WIS score, when doubled, creates your mana pool, while the base score itself determines what Grimioires one can use.

    A grimioire is a spellbook, and its purchase and practice is what allows a Magic user access the spells in that category. For example, a Grimioire of Ra'Amat gives a magic user access to stronger fire spells, a Grimioire of Kaetharsis gives users more powerful wind or lightning spells. Subsequent levels of Grimioires offer more powerful use of spells and abilities.

    To cast a spell a combatant must declare the spell element and any targets if applicable. Target then casts the spell with a roll of their WIS dice. The resulting score is the score of the spell, making spells hit harder and opponents less likely to avoid damage with every point the combatant puts toward wisdom.

    When casting Multi-target spells, the caster must call out the targets in order of attack, and then cast the spell. The number of targets will determine the number of dice used.

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