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    Systems of play

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    Systems of play

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    The official format of Invictus is Turn Based Logic. Dice is used as a background system, used to solve ingame disputes in the fairest, quickest, and simpler matter so that play may continue for the enjoyment of all. Dice rolls are FINAL. Should players choose to instead use the dice system provided they may do so, assuming all parties involved agree to the terms. Again, the use of the dice systems is NOT NESSECARY TO PLAY SoR: I. though, one should familiarize themselves with the background systems in the even a situation DOES arise where they are needed.

    Citadel uses a A TBL/stat based system. This is the system for all official combat in Citadel and will be used to solve all disrepencies in the Citadel universe. All battles and some discoveries yeild XP. When one has accumulated enough XP they gain a level. At every level a character is given 5 Skill Points ( SP) to use in one of 6 stats. They are as follows:

    Endurance ( HP) - Controls how much your body can take before it gives in and your block ability. Multiplied by 2, this is your HP. Regardless of race, every character begins with at least 10 HP.

    Strength (Str) - Controls how strong your character is and effects your critical strike.

    Speed (Spd) - controls how quickly your character moves. Effects initiative, Evade, and stealth.

    Dexterity (Dex) - Controls how dexterious your character is. Effects weapon, and armor proficiency, as well as accuracy and disarm abilities.

    Wisdom ( Wis) - Determines the worldy intillect and focus of your character. Effects MP, Knowledge checks, and Spell potency. ** Taste falls under knowlege checks.

    Preception (Prp) - Determines how sharp your characters senses are. Effects preception checks, IE: Look, Listen, touch, smell.

    The following power chart is designed to be a visial aid in the relative abilities of encountered parties. The scores displayed allude to the individual stats of considered parties, not to overall character level.

    0 = Weak. Little to no ability present. Lowest NPC levels.

    1 - 9 = Average strength, speed and ability. Minor grasp of magic and lore. Typical NPC stat levels.

    10 - 19 = Above average strength, speed, and ability. Some skill in magic. Skilled NPC and minor monster stat levels.

    20 - 29 = Considerable. Assumed training in strength, speed, and ablity. Magical clearly present. Typical NPC Guard and minor monster Leadership stat levels.

    30 - 39 = Prolific. Assumed accelerated training in speed, strength, and ability. Able to cast multitarget spells. Soldier and average monster stat Levels .

    40 - 49 = Mastery. At this level NPCs will regard the target as one of superb ability in that stat. Leadership stat levels for both NPCs and monsters.

    50 - 59 = Uncanny. At this stat level NPCs will begin to notice the almost unnatural ability of the target. Can likely lift upwards of 200lbs and move an unexpectedly fast speeds. Senses are likely sharp enough to track other stealthed parties over considerable distances. Considerable magical power comes effortlessly. Elite monster and soldier stat levels

    60 - 69 = Supernatural. At this level, the target has become quite the notable figure, with NPCs easily noticing their almost otherwordly abilities. Can likely lift upwards of 400 lbs, move fast enough to dodge arrows and jump their own height into the air. able to weild magic with incredible presicion and control. Elite Monter and soldier Leadership stat levels.

    70 - 79 = Heroic. At this level, target is likely to be able to lift upwards of 600 lbs and jump several feet into the air. Boss Level monsters and Superelite Guard lvls.
    80 - 89 = Legendary. At this level stat abilities have finally reached that cusp of reality and passed into the realm of tall tales. Can lift upwards of 800lbs, jump considerable dinstances into the air, and take incredible amounts of punishment. Highly destructive magic comes easy.

    90-99 = Mythic. At this stat level, NPCs will disbeleive your power. Some many view you as a Demigod as you galavant about, ripping trees out of the ground, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, moving so fast that the eye cannot keep up, and calling down massive magical barrages. Welcome to the storybooks.

    100+ = So you want to fly. Or lift mountains. Or redirect oceans with a thought. Or be invisible. Or maybe just creep up behind Oy and scare
    the fur off them? Well congratulations, you got your wish.

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