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    Political System

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    Political System

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    The Nation of Invictus is a divided two equal but separate factions. On one side, is the Imperial Alliance, consisting of Man, Quar, and Keshin. On the other, is the Ras'Khan, or "Great Tribe" in the tongue of the Humbaba. The other Races included are the Septus and the Oy. Recently, old wounds and fresh arguments have caused friction between the two factions that seems to be heating up into all out civil war. The nation is managed by a Joint council called The Lords of Invictus. These members include The Grand Maestro of the Oy, The Hand of Ohgren, The Seer of the Septus, The High King of the Imperial Alliance, The Keshin Emissary, and The First Hammer of the Quar. Also included in this council is the Warmaster, the Leader of the Silent Army, the Headmaster of Ravenhold Academy and a secret 9th member known only as the White Oracle. The seats of this council are subject to the power struggles and leadership changes of their respective nations.

    The Imperial Alliance controls mostly the west side of Invictus, including Ra'Amats Revenge, the Bay of Kings, The Harmonia and a small fraction of The Ire. Durnholme is their Fortress to the south and Citadel is their capitol city. The High King of the Imperial Alliance rules the Alliance in a mono democracy, with the 3 Lords rulings in unison

    The Ras'Khan have their own version of a High King, a being called the Hand of Ohgren, who rules in a fashion similar to the Alliance. Once a year, the successor to the Hand is chosen, via nation-wide battle royale called Haami-Hyala. The champion and the current Hand then fight a one on one unarmed match, until one of them submits or is killed. The victor is hailed as the new Hand of Ohgren and given governance over the Ras'Khan until the next Haami-Hyala. The Hand of Ohgren is NOT under the rule of the High King, but rather theirs is a mutually beneficial partnership. The Broken Steppes, Black Grin Fen, and the Barrowaithe Forest are their domain.

    (OOC) There is not one position in the game that elicits some kind of OOC privilege. No, not even King. That is saved for the GM, GA, and the Mods. The GM is incharge of the overall game itself, and is the final authority on any and all subjects of discussion. The GA is the second in command, and that person wields the authority of the GM when he/she is not present. The Mods are the liaisons to these positions, whose duties include everything from helping to run a user-created SL to bringing any issues before the GM or GA.

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