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    The Regions

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    The Regions

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    The nation of Invictus is a diverse place, spanning a large portion of the continent of Khrym. Prized for its diverse egocolgy and natural defenses, it is often locked in embittered battle with the world outside its borders.

    To the North are the frozen Shatterpeak mountains, where a cruel, deadly wind blows the land in an eternal blizzard, and the mountains suffer not the weak of heart to pass. It is here Shard made his abode, in the ancient Black City, spewing poison over The Narae's Descent, known afterwards as The Death Falls. Here also lies the Baraharian Tundra, and the Frostbough forest, a thick, misty forest filled with mammoth spruce trees. Nearer to the western end of the mountains is the Thol'Ag-ol Temple, a monastery fortress built initially by the warlords before Shard.

    To the south is a dry, semi-desert, rocky plain known as the ire, a hard, unforgiving land that gave way to a nearly bare mountain range known as the Red Ridges of Khrym. Here lies The Bloody Cliffs, creating the valley of Haragon Fields, where the Fortress city of Durnholme is located. Farther east, Letum, the River of the Dead, finishes its long, southward journey in the swamps and marshland of Black Grin Fen, a huge marsh. Here Is the southern Border of Invictus, on on the other side is The Dragon's maw, an endless, smoking ruin, inhabited only by outlaws and monsters.

    To the West the Red Ridge and Shatterpeaks come ever closer together lower, creating the Pass of Girard, a path to the Western Sea. Here lies the port city of Mandibar, with his squarish houses made of white clay. The Shimmering Isles lie off the coast, the broken and scattered remains of the Zang'shul Rainforest. Shard often exiled men to the west, across the burning, shifting sands of Ra'amats Vengance, and so the western lands has become something of an outlawish place, especially the cruel desert, which is constantly guarded by the Country spanning wall know as "Traitor's Gate".

    To the East are the Broken Steppes, where the rolling hills and fields bleed off to sparser grassland. Fissures, Mesas and all form of odd rock formation dot the land, results of a cataclysmic upheaval long ago. Hidden in that land is Ras'Roth Ungar, home of The Hand of Ohgren, tribal King of the Humbaba. Farther east still is a huge forest, divided by the The Onus Wall, The main defensive wall protecting Invictus's easter border. Inside the wall, this forest is known as the Darrowaithe Forest, a verdant, but dangerous place, bleeding southward into the Black Grin Fen. There lies Muckswallow, the Squag capitol.

    In the center of it all is the Harmonia. This is the land most inhabited by men, characterised by farmland, and Rolling hills, idyllic prarie and vast plains. It is here that The King and queen reside, in their Palace-City of Citadel, a sprawling metropolis, built as much for civilian living as defence.

    Below the nation,and perhaps the entire world, it the ancient and unspeakable dark of the Undercroft. This place will be your grave. DO NOT GO INTO THE UNDERCROFT. PERIOD.

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