In another world and time, an epic tale of Gods, heroes, wars, and one nation's rise to power...

    Welcome to Invictus...

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    Welcome to Invictus...

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    The War is over. After 3 years of brutal combat, the tyrant Shard is dead, his nightmare armies defeated and his dark power banished. For 50 years, the Dark Warlord had cast his cruel shadow across the land, until the very people he had duped, enslaved, tormented, and crushed under heel rose up against him. Led by a thirst for freedom, servants, militia, gladiators, battered, embittered men, women and children, rose up in grand unison, under the banner of Kaithos Pendragon a former Mercenary and last of his ancient line, and K'horne Blackmaw, son of a the slain Humbaba Cheiftan and hero, Carn'or Blackmaw. Together, the Druuga, Human, and their allies marched on the Black City, Shard's seat of power. There, Kaithos, then High Marshall of the rebellion, took the villainous warlord's head, ending the horrific reign of terror and ushering in a new age.

    That was 5 years ago. From the ashes of Shard's broken domain rose a single unified kingdom, the Sovereign Nation of Invictus. To avert civil war, the Humbaba led Ras Khan, and the Human Imperial Alliance chartered a whole, unified nation, with land to be divided equally amongst the races, ensuring each a fair chance at survival. Through cooperation, hard work, diplomacy, and a bit of magic, Invictus has grown to become arguably the strongest, and by far the largest, nation on the whole of Rhum, taking up a large portion of the eastern continent known as Khrym. Its armies are strong, its leaders fierce, but diplomatic, and its people proud and ready to defend its honor and its existence.

    But all is not as it seems in Invictus. Strange stirrings have begun, queer sightings of monsters on the water's edge, entire trade fleets vanishing into the abyss. Reports of activity in the Black City have arisen, and scouting parties sent in never return. The Barbarian attacks on the Onus wall have grown more bold and more vicious, as if some madness drives them forward. The dead seem to be returning to life with no memory of who or what they once were, and incredible elemental powers. In the burning desert of Ra'amats Revenge, the ancient city of Hassareth has re-appeared its millenia old depths ripe for exploration. And not all threats come from without. Within the delicate world of diplomacy, tensions between the Alliance and the Ras Khan has reached new heights, threatening to boil over into full blown civil warfare. The stakes are high and the very existence of the nation itself hangs in the balance. Its up to you, brave new soul, to shape the future of this world. Will your actions help pull the nation together? Or will you tear it apart? The choice is yours. Make it.

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