In another world and time, an epic tale of Gods, heroes, wars, and one nation's rise to power...

    The Gods of Rhum

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    The Gods of Rhum

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    The Gods

    Dannath: The Everlasting, creator of the world. His spectrum is creation, willpower, defense and Earth. His earthly form was previously that of a Gigantic white tree, with leaves of gold and green, now reduced to a charred, ash grey stump whose gnarled roots weave through a gigantic Ram skull. His symbol is a white sapling with one gold leaf and one green leaf, its roots spreading through the world. He is also called, Father Tree, The All Father, Papa Deeproot, and Whistling Old Man

    Geitha: The Unfathomable, Dannath's partner and in some stories, inadvertant creator. She is the patron God of The shunned and the forgotten. Her spectrum is chaos, ill temperment, rebellion, and water. Her earthly form has yet to be seen by eyes that still live and texts that could describe her are rife with mad scribbles and insane ramblings. Her Symbol is that of an Kraken, its spiralling tentacles spinning a maelstrom of madness. She is also called, Mother-to-all, The Deep Goddess, The Weeping Mother, and the Ancient One.

    Lumion: The Brilliant. With the first ray of light to beam across Rhum, Lumion, the goddess of Light, came into existence, the first daughter of Dannath and Geitha. She is the patron god of Nobility, Doctors, and persons of authority. Her spectrum is Light, Justice, Healing, Order, and Good tidings. Her earthly form is that of a Starchild, a creature that resembles a radiant, winged feline without features. Her symbol is that of a Holy symbol of gold, surrounded by three orbs of white. She is also called Holy star, Light of the World, and Her Blessed Protector.

    Ur: The Blind. In the moment Lumion was born, the deep see was illuminated. Unable to reach the depths of Geitha's abysses shadow was simultaneously born into the world. When Luimion tired, her Brother surfaced from the ocean to rule over the world. Ur is the God of Shadow. He is the Patron God of theives, tricksters, and travelers. His spectrum is Night, Secerets, Espionage, Mysticism, and Omens. His earhtly for is that of a Omnirachnid, a giant cycplopean spider-like creature that lives mostly in the Undercroft and is nocturnal by nature. Its symbol is black spider clutching a green eye in its mandibles. He is also called The All-Seeing Eye, The Forlorn Son, The Catcher, and He-Who-Knows.

    Kaetharsis: The Evershifting , and grand designer of all the animals. He is the thrid Child of Dannath and Geitha, and the one closest to his mother. He is the patron god of Artisans and Mages. His spectrum is wisdom, knowledge, change, wind, and artistic ability in all its many forms. his earthly form is that of a Wisp Adder, a ghostly feathered serpent that seems to be made of wind and lighting, said to come with storms. His symbol is that of a multi-colered S-shaped line, spined with feathers of all the brilliant colors. He is also called, The Quiet Voice, the Greath Seer, And the Vanished God.

    Ra'Amat: The Untameable. Born of Man's desire for power, Ra'amat is beholden to none, least of all his fellow Gods. His spectrum is Fire, Battle, Desire, Freedom, and Pride. He is the patron God of anyone with a strong Desire, but warriors most specifically. His Earthly form is that of a Giant mountain Ram with a fleece of burning flames. His symbol is that of a a falling, fiery coment armed with the golden horns of a Ram. He is also called The Fallen God, The Ruination, The Brave One, and Arius Tet.

    Furion: The Ender. He is a living wish for the end of all existence. He is the cataclysmic destroyer that broke the Old Kingdom of Man, reduced Dannath to a burnt out stump, and shattered the world into four landmasses. He is the final death, the Null, the eater of all life. He has no true form, his demented worshippers make no symbols, his name inspires the most absolute of terrors in all sentient life. To invoke him is to invoke anihillation.for this fact, his open worship is an act of treason against the whole of the world, and the punishment for such is death. He is also called: The Dark One, the Abyss, The Gaping Maw and The True Death.

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